Invest in Peer-to-Peer, Real Estate, and Wine & Whiskey all in one diversified robo product. Just select your strategy, and let the robo take care of the rest!
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The idea

Our smart robo advisor easily automates investing in loans at popular marketplaces dealing with P2P, Real Estate, and Wine & Whiskey. It sorts, selects, and invests your money in the assets that fit your strategy.

How it works

Select your strategy
Based on your desired level of investment risk. You will be given a LendingRobot Account log-in, where you will be able to view activity on your account.
Fund your account
Start investing
As your money comes in via ACH from your bank, accounts are created on your behalf at each of the Marketplaces in use, and funds are allocated accordingly.
Once funds are sent to Prosper, Groundfloor, and Vint, our robo takes the lead and goes to work, sorting, selecting, and investing in the loans that fit your strategy.



Marketplaces in use

Why RoboFusion?

Low Correlation to the Market
By diversifying with 3 alternatives in one investment product, RoboFusion can spread the risk across different asset classes and therefore help reinforce your portfolio.
When you use RoboFusion, you invest by risk appetite, meaning, instead of one standard investment strategy, you can select the risk level that fits your needs best, and watch the Robo go to work accordingly.
As a Robo advisor, we want our investors to have an easy, seamless, and hands-off investment experience. RoboFusion allows investors to simply select their risk strategy, fund their account, and let the Robo do the rest!
If traditional investments are not performing well in the market, it does not correlate to the performance of alternative investments, like p2p, real estate, and wine.
Late-stage Investment Opportunity:


0.6% AUM
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