About us
A recent investment by a global fintech company has enabled us to relaunch our alternatives product. With roots going back to the initial creation of Peer-2-Peer in 2013 our combined entities will be doing business as LendingRobot going forward.
“Our goal is to bring alternative investments to all retail investors and to offer customizations and automation unique to even the most sophisticated investors.”
Meet the LendingRobot Team
Interested in being the next 'Roboto'? Contact us at team@lendingrobot.com
Our newest "Roboto" will be helping with API's, he is a fitness devote and keeps us all eating healthy!
Mike T.
CEO of the LendingRobot, a global investing veteran with a taste in music that veers from classic rock to heavy metal!
Mike K.
Systems, Data, and keeps the portal up and running! (His kitten Lola, is adorable!)
Great Hair... Runs operations for the Alt Robo, and is the business manager for our advisory service.
Sam F.
Marketing, outreach and design. If its not boring and its still on our website Liz probably wrote it!
Liz C.
Liquidity is not guaranteed and may or may not be available after capital is invested.
LendingRobot investment products may be deemed to be a speculative investment and are available only to persons who meet all the investor suitability requirements established for the investments and understand and can bear the risks of investment, including, but not limited to, the risk that an investor could lose some or all of its capital, as well as its liquidity constraints. No guarantee or representation is made that the investments investment objectives or risk monitoring goals will be successful, and investment results may vary substantially over time. Nothing herein is intended to imply that the investments may be considered conservative, safe, risk free or risk averse. This information is not intended to provide, and should not be relied upon for, accounting, legal or tax advice or investment recommendations. You should make an independent investigation of the investments, including consulting your tax, legal, accounting, or other advisors, as appropriate.
LendingRobot strategy performance reflects backtested results only – not an actual composite of managed accounts. Assumes LendingRobot fees of 0.60% per year and idle cash drag effect of 0.25% per year. Rate increases are assumed to increase net ROI by 2/3 of the effective rate increase or decrease. Past results are never a guarantee of future performance.
Lend Academy Investments, LLC dba LendingRobot and NSR Invest provides portfolio construction, management, analytics, and reporting tools for financial advisors, institutions, and individuals.