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Diversify your investments with a customized portfolio of alternative fixed income products!
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The Idea

LendingRobot’s Fixed Income offers investors a diversified portfolio tailored to the clients’ personal investment wants and needs. Our strategies encompass a range of fixed income products, including bonds, promissory notes, and proprietary funds. Additionally, we offer exclusive investment opportunities available only to accredited investors, further diversifying our product to meet the unique needs of the investor.

How it works

Client Assessment
We begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of each client's financial goals, risk tolerance, investment horizon, and liquidity requirements. This information serves as the foundation for crafting a personalized investment strategy.
Asset Selection
Customized Portfolio
Based on the client's profile, we select an appropriate mix of fixed income products, including bonds and promissory notes from reputable issuers. For clients who meet the accredited investor criteria, we introduce our proprietary funds designed to deliver attractive returns while managing risk effectively.
Our team then constructs a customized portfolio by combining these selected assets. The goal is to optimize the balance between income generation and capital preservation while aligning with the client's specific objectives.

Why invest?

Diversification is a core principle of our strategy.
We carefully allocate assets across different fixed income instruments to spread risk effectively. This diversification ensures that no single investment significantly impacts the overall performance of the portfolio.
Ongoing Monitoring
Our commitment doesn't stop with portfolio creation.
We continuously monitor the performance of each client's portfolio, making necessary adjustments to adapt to changing market conditions, interest rate environments, and client objectives.
Fixed Income
Fixed income products can potentially offer investors a predictable stream of income over a specified period of time. These investments are may be attractive to investors who have a lower risk tolerance.
Lending Robot’s Fixed Income is personalized to an investor’s wants and needs. This allows us to curate a portfolio of fixed income products that suits each investor’s profile.


Minimum investment amount
Management Fee
0.60% per year of total managed funds, calculated and paid quarterly
Late-stage Investment Opportunity:
Fixed Income

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General Risks

Credit risk
Bonds carry the risk of default, which means that the issuer may be unable or unwilling to make further income and/or principal payments. In addition, bonds carry the risk of being downgraded by the rating agencies which could have implications on price.
Inflation risk
Can be a concern for investors who are planning to live off their bond income, though it's a factor everyone should consider. If prices rise or inflation increases, it eats into the gains of fixed-income securities.
Liquidity risk
The risk that you might not be able to buy or sell investments quickly for a price that is close to the true underlying value of the asset.
Interest rate risk
This risk happens in an environment where market interest rates are rising, and the rate paid by the bond falls behind. In this case, the bond would lose value in the secondary bond market. Also, the investor's capital is tied up in the investment, and they cannot put it to work earning higher income without taking an initial loss.
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