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Alt Robo*

for retail investors

Peer-to-peer, real estate, and wine investing all in one product. Just a single click away!


“...in the face of turbulent markets, investors continue to see value in, and intend to remain invested in, alternative funds.”

-Global Alternative Fund Survey 2022
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Diversify your portfolio and reduce exposure to the markets with the our multi-asset alternative investment robo
We make it easy - choose your risk profile and LendingRobot does the work for you!

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P2P Investing via
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Set up your account with ease and let the Robo go to work for you.
Alternatives give investors the opportunity for portfolio diversification, reducing overall risk exposure across investments, with low correlation to the general market.
Choose the risk profile that fits your investment needs - from conservative to assertive.!
Immediate mix of alternative investments from 3 different platforms : Prosper, GroundFloor, and Vint (and more to come)!

Access the Multi-Asset Alt Robo with these easy steps

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Select your strategy

Average Returns, Moderate Risk
0.60% Annual Fee
net return
AI Optimized allocations across multiple alternative Platforms.
(no fees until September 2023 .6% after)
Alt Robo (Beta)
  1. Be among the first investors to use the Multi-Asset Alt Robo out of Beta.
  2. No fees for the first three months when the product is available.
  3. We’ll notify you when it’s ready!
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net return
Consistent Returns, Lower Risk
0.60% Annual Fee
Higher Returns, Higher Risk
0.60% Annual Fee
net return
Easy account setup via ACH or Wire. Fees are associated with a credit card or debit card for quick and easy access.

Fund your account

Alt Robo will automatically invest according to your investment strategy selection. Check back any time to see detailed portfolio analytics.

Start earning

Are you ready to start with alternative investments?

Disclaimer: LendingRobot provides no assurance or guarantee that these targeted returns will be achieved. You should not assume that any investment discussed herein will be profitable or that any investment decisions in the future will be profitable. Performance figures are unaudited. These estimated returns are provided for discussion purposes only and are not intended to represent, and should not be construed as representing, predictions of future rates of return.

*Please Note: Your account with LendingRobot may be set up, but it can take an additional 3-4 days to move your money to each individual platform and for us to receive confirmation receipt. GroundFloor and Vint have limited funding opportunities, so please be patient as we coordinate with them to put your money to work.