return up to 10%* per year

Improved and unmatched financial resources combined with cloud-based automation. Accredited Investors Only.

Series fund

Available for non US Citizens only.
*LRLCT target income. Income for 08.2021 - 08.2022 > 8.%


LendingRobot Series Fund is structured as a Series LLC, which limits investor liability to the total amount of their investment.
Each Series is legally separate from each other which eliminates liability between Series Funds.

why choose series fund?

illustration with jars and coins represeting the cocept of diversification
We seek investments that represent low correlation to traditional markets with unique risk characteristics.



Use our extensive knowledge of alterative Fixed Income* to source unique combinations of lending products. Currently we have over 35 platforms on our radar in various stages or growth.


We leverage our position in the marketplace to gain favorable terms and co-investment opportunities with other firms or funds.
*any Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal.


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US Citizens
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