return up to 5.00% per year

Avalavle only for non US citizens


By working with our partners in the alternative lending space, we source unique offerings that enable us to extend secured promissory notes to our clients at attractive rates. These notes will update every two weeks and will vary subject to market rates and our ability to source product.

designed for

Short term investments with fixed rates
Investors seeking secure investments with known returns
Diversification away from traditional stocks and bonds
Investors looking for rates better than government backed alternatives


$100 000
Min. investment Amount
Rate: 5% per annum
Term: 3 months
LendingRobot 01/31/23 Note
$100 000
Min. investment Amount
Rate: 2.50% per annum
Term: 1 month

LendingRobot 12/15/22 Note

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