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Lending Robot Diamond Fund — investments secured by diamonds and exclusive jewelry**

Diamond Fund

return up to 10%* per year

*10% is LRD target income.
Income for 08.2021 - 08.2022 = 8.43%.
You may earn more, less, or lose money using these strategies.
** Loans are issued against the security of jewelry or its components.

Avalavle only for non US citizens


Lending Robot Diamond Fund— investments secured by diamonds and exclusive jewelry.

The Foundation was opened in December 2018. Its strategy is to provide short-term working capital to companies in the middle segment of the jewelry sector. These are cutters, polishers and wholesalers of cut diamonds — intermediaries between diamond miners and retailers, about 15,000 companies.

LRD Historical return vs Major Fix Income funds

chart of LRD historical return

Non - US Citizens

Series LRD (the "Fund") will generally invest in Limited Partnership Interests in the DelGatto Diamond Finance Fund or funds with a similar lending portfolio and risk/reward ratio
Gems are stored in third party secure location
Hurdle Rate* 7%; Target Rate 10%
yearly income. calculated monthly
Terms are for less then 1 year and often only 6 months
Income rate
Monthly with 90 days' notice
Targeting GIA certified polished diamonds , which historically have had limited price volatility
*Hurdle Rate - yearly income not subject to success fees
US Citizens
Coming soon.
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