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Lending Robot is the first robo-advisor for P2P* investing,
it uses powerful AI algorithms to engage investment platforms with the speed and efficiency that enable investors to compete with other institutions.
* Peer-to-peer (P2P), or Peer lending enables individuals to obtain loans directly from other individuals, cutting out the financial institution as the middleman, as an investor you lend money directly to borrowers

1. P2P funds

marketplaces in use
Real Estate Investing via

why p2p lending funds ?

Peer to peer investing provides a unique opportunity to earn high yield relative to other asset classes
Consistent yield
Prime consumer credit has existed for decades with a proven track record for consistent returns.
Low volatility
Peer to peer investing doesn’t follow the traditional ups and downs of the market.

p2p funds

return up to 9% per year

return up to 20% per year

return up to 10% per year

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A ready portfolio of assets assembled by our professional analysts. Options are responsible for the income in the portfolio, funds provide protection. This means that by a predetermined date, the price of the underlying asset must exceed a set threshold. When this happens, you will get the maximum return.
P2P Funds may work as the protective part of IIP

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3. Pre-IPO

Lending Root provides an opportunity to invest in the shares of more than 200 high-tech and fast-growing companies that are not yet traded on the public market, but in terms of their characteristics correspond to public companies, which means that they may enter an IPO in the near future

why choose pre-ipo?

Allocations up to 100%
Optimal risk/reward ratio
Low speculative component in the evaluation of Pre-IPO companies
The risk of negative asset revaluation is lower than in the public market​​​​​​​​

current pre-ipo opportunity

4. Strategies

Tool that synchronizes your portfolio with the strategy you picked up. Autoinvest will replicate the initial state of the selected portfolio and any changes going forward.

strategies products

Diamond fund
7% per year
Low Turn-Over, Total Return strategy with a bias to preservation of capital over market returns
12% per year
Low Turn-Over, Total Return strategy with a balanced approach to preservation of capital and market returns
25% per year
Low Turn-Over, Total Return strategy with a bias to capital appreciation
P2P Funds work as the protective part of strategy portfolio

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