Q: What is the reason to combine asset classes?

By combining unsecured personal notes with short term mortgage notes and longer-term collectables like wine and whisky, we hope to shorten the average duration while improving the overall return profiles.
Q: Why the focus on shortening the average maturity?

In the past one of many limiting factors in retail investors participation in alternative strategies as been the lack of liquidity. By combining assets with different maturities and risk profiles our goal is to provide a strategy for everyone’s liquidity needs. Life happens and waiting 3 to 5 years to exit a strategy is not always an option.
Q: What is the difference in average maturity between the three strategies?
Q: What does the asset allocation look like?

*Represents targets, investor should expect deviations from this as products and markets evolve.
Q: Which Platforms do you subscribe to?

Prosper – LendingRobot has been working with Prosper since we started, our algorithm access Prosper 24/7 and is always looking for the best notes to fit each of our strategies

GroundFloor – short-term “flipper” loans, GroundFloor has been growing for 10 years straight and we are excited to bring their risk profile to our clients!

Vint – We chose Vint for many reasons not the least of which is their commitment to service the retail client
Estimates only: each investors actual liquidity will be subject to changes in issuers inventory, rate environment, and market conditions This calculation does not include reinvestment considerations and efforts to avoid cash drag, may alter the average maturity over time